Automated Systems Integrator, PINAXIS, Locates into New Office Space

Andover, Mass. April 14, 2024: PINAXIS LLC announced today that they have moved into a new office facility in Andover, Mass., which will be the new headquarters of the company. The company will move from its current location to 40 Shattuck Road in Andover.

“We’re excited to have chosen the city of Andover, Massachusetts as our new headquarters,” said Juergen Conrad, CEO of PINAXIS. “Andover is known for its diverse and rich culture and artistic vibe, which is great for our employees and their families. While we have a hybrid work from home policy, we still have employees that come into the office daily. It’s important to us to have a great location where we can all come together and collaborate. Furthermore, we wanted an area that was easy geographically for both our North American and international OEM partners and clients for customer discussions. We have that here in Andover,” continued Conrad.

PINAXIS will officially start operating out of the new Andover facility starting May 1, 2024. Andover is located approximately 25 miles slightly northwest of the Boston Logan airport in Massachusetts.


PINAXIS LLC is an independent system integrator within the intralogistics and material handling market, and a member of the GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group. The PINAXIS business philosophy is to provide premium integration services that fill the gap between OEMs and end-user operation capabilities.

Intralogistics includes the organization, control, implementation, and optimization of internal material flow, data flow, and material handling in commerce, manufacturing, and government organizations. Alongside system integration capabilities, PINAXIS is a technology provider of warehouse management software and control systems. As an independent supplier, PINAXIS selects both equipment and technology platforms that best suit the need for optimum material flows and processing for clients.