3PL Logistics Made Simple with Warehouse Automation

3PL Third Party Logistics

Thriving in the third-party logistics industry is challenging. Swift responsiveness and adaptability to contractual obligations are essential. Balancing customized services with the high expectations for delivery performance and reliability poses difficulties. Factor in the challenges of meeting consumer demands, next-day delivery processes, and efficient reverse logistics, and a manual fulfillment center can easily encounter issues. Prioritizing customer satisfaction is paramount, and leveraging automation technology can contribute to achieving these goals, ensuring long-term clients.

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Leveraging Automated Distribution Technology for Meeting Customer Requirements

When implementing automated into a contract logistics 3PL operation, it can accomplish several things:

Real-time monitoring and transparency in processes provide insights into potential bottlenecks, allowing for proactive resolution and ensuring a seamless fulfillment process from order receipt to picking and packing.

Make Customer Satisfaction the Reason Clients Stay

Attract clientele seeking the assurance of error-free picking by leveraging automation. Incorporating goods-to-person pick operations or deploying robotic pick cells, as needed, can enhance the accuracy of your facility.

  • Facilitate Employee Training and Retention

    Automation simplifies training and retention for visually oriented employees through step-by-step instructions displayed on large screens at each workstation, integrated with PINAXIS software. Visual cues during the picking process, combined with item scanning, virtually eliminate order picking errors.

  • Reduce Labor Dependency and Training Costs

    Automated fulfillment processes diminish the reliance on warehouse employees, saving time on retraining and lowering the overall cost per unit fulfilled. Automation acts as a solution to the worker shortage and skills gap prevalent in today's workforce, also reducing liability associated with manual tasks.

  • Meet Season Fluctuations and Peak Season Volumes

    Automation is instrumental in boosting throughput, particularly during peak seasons, addressing challenges posed by holiday fluctuations and seasonal demands in the 3PL industry. Automation mitigates labor shortages and allows for higher throughput, enabling you to efficiently manage product demand during peak times.

  • Offer Value-Added Services and Kitting

    Automation facilitates the provision of value-added services, allowing clients to include samples, catalogs, or discount coupons seamlessly during the order fulfillment process. Precise kitting for assembly pieces or spare parts is achieved through automation, ensuring error-free packages, and providing peace of mind to clients.

  • Explore Automation for 3PL Warehouse Operations

    For 3PL logistics companies considering automation, consulting with the PINAXIS automation experts is crucial. Expertise ranges from addressing storage capacity issues and implementing warehouse management software to providing guidance on material flows and error reduction. PINAXIS offers a variety of automation solutions tailored to the unique needs of 3PL operations, whether initiating complete projects or phased implementation of automated material flows.

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