Warehouse Automation Systems Vary by Material Flow or Process

Consulting for Warehouse Automation

Warehouse automation has a lot of moving parts, and you’ll need a systems integrator who understands every aspect. Plus, warehouse automation means a lot of different things to different people. With PINAXIS, we have decades of experience helping manufacturers, retailers, and government organizations automate material flows, work processes, and improve productivity. We can also optimize storage to reduce your footprint.

Our solutions are engineered to meet your requirements. At PINAXIS, we work on your behalf, and we provide consulting for warehouse automation among other material flow processes. We strive to exceed your business success criteria when it comes to automation. We work towards the most efficient automation processes–but only where it makes sense.

PINAXIS has a different approach in how we engage with clients.

Deciding to implement warehouse automation is a major business decision. Many systems integrator providers only offer one or two automated system solutions or components and only sell-in those solutions. However, PINAXIS works based on priority criteria and feasibility planning with a holistic methodology.

Our team of automation experts will always work toward meeting and surpassing business objectives. There are multiple types of warehouse automation, including automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), robotic picking, conveying, etc. but you may only need a portion of your operation automated.

Yes, it still may be beneficial to keep some manual processes. Should your requirements need a different solution, our team will provide a cost-to-benefit analysis. We will source, vet, and implement solutions either all at once or suggest a phased-in approach to meet your return-on-investment goals.

PINAXIS takes the guess work out of integrating components for an overall system. While many vendors have the perfect component, it’s rare for one vendor to have a seamless system that matches your criteria. This is why PINAXIS works with multiple equipment suppliers on your behalf, and we meet your project needs.

From Goods-In to Packout, a Holistic or an Integrated Single Process Approach

At PINAXIS, we like challenges. PINAXIS will work with you to understand the challenges that you face every day and during peak volume or during seasonal fluctuation. So, whether it’s a bottleneck in the material flow, storage problem, or labor shortage, PINAXIS can help engineer the best solution for a single process or an entirely holistic approach.

Understand the Total Cost of Ownership for Warehouse Automation Today and Tomorrow as Your Business Expands

Every piece of your business has a cost associated with it. When looking to retrofit a business or building a new facility, you need sound advice to make decisions.

The PINAXIS team has decades of experience understanding business needs, scoping projects, installing them, and commissioning. When it comes to options, PINAXIS gives concrete data based on calculations, so decisions are made based on today’s information and tomorrow’s simulations.

Labor is only getting more expensive, but automation can also be a large investment. You want a systems integrator partner who has a comprehensive approach and knows that it must perform within operating costs. A cost-effectiveness plan for now and years to come are both key to a successful operation.

While PINAXIS can provide complete warehouse automated systems integration, we also can consult in the following areas:

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