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Feasibility Studies

Debating whether to invest in warehouse improvements or perhaps build a new greenfield facility? Often, management thinks about implementing automation for a fulfillment center but is never sure of the cost, time, or effort that it takes for such a project. Let PINAXIS dig into the details and perform a warehouse feasibility study for your project. Understanding what to do or not to do is the best place to start and a wise investment.


Understanding the Value of Automation within the Fulfillment Process

Automation within the fulfillment or production process is a very broad topic and covers many things. Having a team of experts with decades of experience can help you identify missed opportunities like:

Given that automation is so varied means that there are always options. These options need validation to gain a true sense of the value or missed opportunity for each solution. Where a fully automated storage and retrieval system may make sense to some organizations, it may be too much for other companies. Therefore, a more semi-automated solution may work best in some cases—for others, perhaps some processes are still manual. In addition to understanding the detailed technology, it’s experience in understanding how to approach each project and knowing the options available that makes the difference.


How PINAXIS Works and What you Can Expect from a Warehouse Feasibility Study

Getting started is usually the hardest part of any project. With PINAXIS, we make it easy. Our experts ask that you define an internal team and success criteria first. Once those are determined, PINAXIS will assign an engineering lead to your project. He or she will work closely with your team to understand what success looks like to your organization. Once success is established, an in-depth look at current processes, material flows, existing facilities, and the software infrastructure. These details will go through an extensive analysis with engineering simulations to ensure that every scenario has a cost-performance ratio determined.

Finally, once everything has been reviewed and options are determined, the team can indicate what is the best path forward for your investment. A detailed ROI analysis is completed along with your feasibility study. Plus, the cost of doing nothing will also have a monetary impact on your business. At PINAXIS, we want you to make a well-informed decision based on multiple scenarios like labor cost analysis, business growth opportunities, real estate costs, and your net present value.

Understanding the Risk and Planning for an Optimized Fulfillment

As with any investment, there are risks. Also, a fully automated greenfield facility is a large investment. PINAXIS will help determine the cost, ROI, and outlay of the risks associated with moving forward inside a complete feasibility study. In addition, software, employees, and future growth will play a critical part in your decision-making as they should. This is why PINAXIS doesn’t just look at the throughput or the cost of the components or facility. A holistic view of everything is taken into consideration—including the human factor. 

Before any automation project, you should understand the following:

Keeping Track of Your Project with Weekly Updates and Milestones

Your PINAXIS team works closely with you throughout the project. Weekly updates and check-in meetings are a requirement for PINAXIS. Plus, we’ll establish a timeline, resources, and have objectives that are scheduled throughout the warehouse feasibility study. In addition, we’ll ask for a defined team with cross functional leaders to work appropriately and to get as many perspectives as possible. At PINAXIS, we know that getting approval for any large capital project is difficult. Finally, this is why we look at every facet to ensure that your investment is a sound one that everyone appreciates.

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